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This special keepsake will now be gifted to veterans' families

Jackson, TN.

Today 39 News joined the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition and the Tennessee State Veteran Cemetery at Parkers Crossroads for the unveiling of the new coin that will be presented to veterans’ family members buried in this cemetery.

While this coin will not replace the loved one of a deceased veterans the President of Arrington Funeral Directors hopes it will be an item the families can keep with them as a remembrance. Bob Arrington (President of Arrington Funeral Directors) stated, “When it came to us that this was another way to give families a tangible to carry with them to honor that veteran, it was an immediate yes. The cemetery gives them a flag, we provide a flag case. They may put it on the shelf for display. This coin they can carry should they go to a family reunion, or they just want to carry it with them at all times.”

We spoke with West Tennessee Veterans Coalition Chair about the impact she hopes this coin will have on the family members of the veterans. Jackie Utley (West Tennessee Veterans Coalition Chair) informed us, “As Bob Arrington said to put in their pocket and pull out, and just remember the service and sacrifice of their veterans.”

Moving forward veterans who are buried in Parkers Crossroads will receive the coin. We asked Cemetery Director if families of veterans who are currently buried in the cemetery will receive a coin as well. Eddie Long (cemetery director) informed us, “Yes, absolutely. So those families, we will make contact and let them know that we have these now. Of course, they are just as deserving of these as any future.”

We asked the designer of the coin Mr. Robert Jones how it feels to know that his design will now forever be in the homes and pockets of these veterans’ families.

Robert Jones (coin designer) stated, “I haven’t even thought about that, what I am really proud of is the knowledge that I have. I’m a veteran of the military. So, I’ve been around soldiers and their families and all kinds of situations, including final formation. So, I’m happy personally that I’m able to take a little step on the survivors of our veterans.”

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