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Thirty-one influential women recognized in Jackson for Women's history month


The city of Jackson is celebrating women's history month by honoring some women who are currently making history in the community. 39 news alexander bitterling was at today's special ceremony: Thirty-one women were recognized for their influence in the community at today's ceremony at Jackson city hall.

“S am so excited. And so appreciative. To receive this award," said influential women award recipient Dr. Martha Robinson.

Another recipient, Crysta Hardiman remarked, "I was initially shocked. I am so excited. We ended our spring break trip early just to receive the award. So, I'm excited.”

"today is just an opportunity to celebrate all the contributions that are made by these great women right here in the city of Jackson," said Tawanuka McKinney internal auditor for the city of Jackson. She told us why these women were chosen, "They are movers and shakers that are working. They're doing their make in our communities. In what it is today. And it's important that we recognize them for their efforts.”

The thirty-one local women recognized today were nominated by the people of Jackson.

“It's important that they are an example for our youth and that they're laying the foundation for others to follow as they come along,” said McKinney.

One of the women honored today, Dr. Martha Robinson, is not only a professor, but she also works with Area Relief Ministries, the NAACP and the Imagination library.

“I think that all of us as citizens of this great city have a responsibility to give back to our communities, to find ways to use our talents and skills to help empower those in our community...there's an old proverb that and I'll paraphrase, it says, you know, when you empower a woman, you empower the entire community," said Dr.Robinson.

Dr. Robinson has some advice for young women in the community, "Find that organization that best represents who you are and your goals. And just serve. And it's very rewarding for you personally.”

Mckinney says the city plans to recognize influential women again next year, "The Jackson, Tennessee community has many women that we can recognize, and we want to make sure that you're looking at next year so you can nominate your favorite community star.


  • Sabrina Anderson

  • Jane Alderson

  • Trunetta Atwater

  • Katie Brantley

  • Laura Byrd

  • Mona Campbell

  • Traci Carney

  • Gertrude Copeland

  • Lisa Garner

  • Cecilia Hammond

  • Crysta Hardimon

  • Marilyn Jackson

  • Michelle Just

  • Ann-Marie Kelley

  • Tommie Kirkendoll

  • Mary Jane McWherter

  • Mary Jo MIiddlebrooks

  • Tawnya Moore

  • Angela Nelson Parks

  • Summer Paris

  • Linsey Pickens

  • Judy Renshaw

  • Martha Robinson

  • Pat Ross

  • Brenda Whalley

  • Tara Skinner

  • Brittany Tucker

  • Lindsay Homra Walker

  • Jean Marie Walls

  • Kristen White

  • Lori White

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