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Third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine approved


The Jackson-Madison County health department began offering this third dose of the vaccine today for immunocompromised individuals. The federal drug administration and center for disease control say that cancer patients, HIV-positive individuals, organ transplant recipients and those with other conditions are eligible. For the complete list of those that are eligible go to the CDC website.

“We encourage people to talk to their primary care provider, talk to their doctor and let them help you make the best decision for you but currently right now CDC and FDA do not recommend third doses for anyone who’s not immune-compromised, so healthy individuals do not need a third dose at this time,” says Mallory Cooke of the Jackson-Madison County Health Department.

The health department is not offering the third dose for anyone that does not meet these criteria. They are not requiring any documentation to prove that you are eligible they just ask that only immunocompromised individuals receive the third dose. Mallory Cooke with the Jackson-Madison county health department says that people have been eager to receive the third dose,

“We have had calls about this third dose of vaccine for days…it’s been in the media; people have been hearing that this might be an option and since it was approved last week we’ve gotten a lot of phone calls. We actually opened up at nine this morning for getting that the third dose of vaccine…we had an individual here at eight-thirty who was ready to receive his third dose, so we’re very glad that folks are taking it seriously and are wanting to come in and get vaccinated and protect themselves.”

Cooke says if you received the first and second dose of the Pfizer your third dose should be the Pfizer. If your first and second dose were Moderna then your third dose should be of the Moderna. There is currently no second dose for those that received the johnson and johnson vaccine. The health department is offering the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for those that need the third dose and those that still want to get their first and second dose, no appointment is required.

For more information on the third dose of the vaccine you can call the Jackson-Madison county public information line at 731-240-1771

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