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Third Day of Winter Weather Affects People in the Jackson Area

JACKSON, Tenn. - There are still some slippery streets and roads here in Jackson and that’s caused some schools and businesses to remain closed for a third day.

This is the third day of working from home for a lot of people here.

“Well until today, the third day, myself and my neighbors, no one has left at all. and both of them have four-wheel drive vehicles, I just have a car. So, I think that’s saying something. A lot of people that have been able to get out because they have trucks or some kind of four-wheel drive vehicle. But none of us have gone out until today.”

Alexis Millsaps is the social media manager at the Discovery Park of America.

She’s one of many people working from home.

Her only reason for leaving her apartment today was to get groceries.

She compared this winter storm to last Christmas’s arctic front.

‘But I don’t think we expected this one to last as long as it has. I think we were thinking it would be a night maybe, like I mentioned I need to go get groceries, I planned to do that on Tuesday morning… now it is Thursday, and those kinds of things make us feel like ‘I wish I had prepared a little better, I wish I had taken this more seriously.’”

Millsaps is driving today but taking precaution.

“I think I’m just going to pay attention to where other people have driven, a lot of the ice has melted thus far. I’m going to be turning the car on and letting all of the ice on top of it melt off… I’ll be sitting inside for ten to fifteen minutes, however long it takes to get all the ice off to make sure I can see clearly.”

You’ll find out if we’ll get some relief from this latest winter weather coming up in our full forecast.

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