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The 'WRAP' organization recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A local agency in Jackson is spending the month educating the community about preventing sexual assault.

WRAP is a community organization, which stands for women’s and men’s rape, and resource assistance program.

The program helps survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

WRAP's campaign titled Start by Believing emphasizing the importance of believing the individual when they say there are being abused.

“Sexual assault is a different kind of crime and very often victims blame themselves or feel ashamed of what’s happened because we liked to think that could never happen to me. So they usually tell a friend, or a family member and I tell people that you may be their 911 call," said Cindi Cotton, the Sexual Assault Coordinator at WRAP.

WRAP provides a variety of services ranging from counseling to safe homes for people who may need to leave a dangerous living situation.

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