The White Tails from Leadership Jackson renovate a space for abuse victims to relax

As leadership Jackson juggles multiple projects to improve the local community, they are developing a place where victims of abuse can unwind and relax.

The team known as the whitetails are work with wrap, a nonprofit that caters to men and women who are survivors of physical and mental abuse. the name of the project is re- rapping wrap.

“Our project sought to help WRAP, in their mission to help victims of abuse, whatever that looks like. To really start their healing process in a warmer and safer environment,” said Clint Beilkee a member of the Whitetails.

Daryl Cahansuthus, is the executive director of WRAP and says if it were not for the community, she doesn’t know how they’d pull this off.

“WRAP cannot do and provide the support and services we provide to our community without the support from our community and leadership. Jackson has been there for wrap many times.”


Beilkee says the benefit of working with leadership Jackson is That they get to choose what organizations they want to help and WRAP was on the list.

“We start with a list of groups we want to help and problems we want to solve.”

Cahansuthus says their building will get what she calls a ‘facelift’

“It is warm, when they finish we will have a mural, a reading space over there. we have a therapist come in and do yoga.”

The space was voluntarily painted by Ronda Fitzgerald, co-owner of Christian brothers automotive. she says she was surprised at how businesses in the community donated to their cause.

“Sherwin Williams, David Sherwin Williams hooked us up with gallons and gallons of paint, primer, and rollers everything we needed to paint this whole facility,” said Fitzgerald.

The project will be completed sometime in February.

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