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The West Tennessee Strawberry Festival kicks off the week of events with prayer

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - The 83rd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival kicking off this morning with a prayer breakfast at the Humboldt Medical Center Conference Center.

This week is sure to be a fun-filled event the whole community can enjoy.

The breakfast featured prayers for the festival’s success and a short sermon from Dub Oliver, the President of Union University. His message bringing religion to the forefront of the celebration.

“I just wanted to encourage them about the fact that Jesus enjoys feasts and festivals as evident by his involvement and being a part of the wedding feast of Canaan and Galilee so I kind of compared and contrasted the wedding feast to the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival,” said Dub Oliver, the President of Union University.

A newcomer to both the area and the Strawberry Festival delighted to fellowship with people from the community.

“I noticed that there was a prayer meeting here and I am new to the area and I still wanted to connect with other believers, so I decided to just get up early come see what’s happening here,” said Monique Veillere, a Selmer resident.

Organizers of the breakfast thrilled about the positive impacts the festival has on the city.

“The economic impact is huge for our businesses, but it is also, especially since the pandemic, everyone just coming together having a good time and getting outside. People are so ready for fun,” said Betty Langley, the President of the 83rd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

The opening ceremony starts at 6 p.m. at Baker Memorial Stadium in Humboldt and you don’t want to miss the fireworks extravaganza starting at 8 p.m.

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