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The West Tennessee Strawberry Festival is scheduled to return in May 2021

For over 80 years main street here in Humboldt has been the location for the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival. Last year due to COVID-19 concerns that changed, but they hope this year they can bring it back.

“A little anxious because we know that some of the events of the festival are going to look a little different. Last year we were almost ready to go. Events were planned, deposits had been made. We had everything on go when we had to cancel, it was just so devastating," says President of the festival, Betty Langley.

Last year the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival was cancelled to keep visitors of the annual event safe.

Now they are gearing up to plan again, the 83rd annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

“We are real excited just not knowing from day to day what is going to happen. We’re planning as if everything is on go for may. We know that at any given moment something could change overnight something could change. But we have to start planning now," added Langley.

Langley and her team are meeting weekly to plan logistics of the festival.

A lot of their usual events are indoors so they are working to find larger venues or different options for those events, “but we are talking about possibly a larger venue for some events. Maybe some events that don’t happen at all, but we’re in the process of making those decisions," says Langley.

Betty says this festival holds a big place in many west Tennesseans hearts and they hope to continue the tradition this year.

Right now the festival is scheduled for the first week in May.

Visit for more information.

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