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The West Tennessee Strawberry Festival is in full swing as they host their annual prayer breakfast


Early this morning the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual prayer breakfast as part of the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

Festival President Sherri Jo Smith said, “I think we always need to put god first, and then we need to thank him for all of our blessings.”

“You know, we just got to give god all the glory in it starts this morning. And because we are going to be leaning on him very heavily in the next six days," said Humboldt Mayor Marvin Sikes.

At the prayer breakfast, they prayed for the country, the state, the city and the strawberry festival, and they heard from a special guest too. The guest was Circuit Court Judge Clayburn Peeples,

“I tried to remind people that there's a lot of pain and sorrow going on at this time. You know, the world is in pretty sad shape… and maybe we need to be looking a little harder at people to see what we can do to help them," Peeples said.

Sherri Jo Smith was one of judge Peeples students at UT Martin and later worked for him. She was touched by his message, "It hit home. We all need to reach out to our neighbors, to our loved ones.we don't know, you know, when they're hurting and everything.”

Humboldt mayor Marvin Sikes was also touched, "As Judge Peeples talked this morning it touched my heart. And i looked around the room and i could see he was touching other people's heart. And it gave people hope and it gave them some direction that we can carry even after this week's over," he said.

Mayor sikes believes that the festival week is the perfect time to show love and care to others, “This is a wonderful week to do such. We're going to have so many people together. We should be able to mend fences and love people and just show them that we care.”

And Judge Peeples agrees, "This festival is an event that binds people together. We all of a sudden become one town. And it's just it's just such a wonderful thing. And i think the prayer breakfast sort of sets the table for the rest of the week.”

For all of the events during this week's West Tennessee Strawberry Festival check out

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