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The West Tennessee State Fair board is doing all they can to keep people safe at this year fair


After canceling last year, the west Tennessee state fair is back in person this year and the board has worked hard to try to make it as safe as possible for those who attend.

“We’ve made it as covid friendly of an environment as at all possible. Which you know most of the fair, a majority of the fair is outside,” says Michelle Mehr.

Michelle Mehr went on to explain the measure they have taken to make the event safer, “We’ve set the fair up this year where we have much more space to roam around, have larger isles, we have the vendors further apart, we have the food trucks further apart. Sanitation stations like to wash hands."

Amusement Attractions, the company that handles the rides has reimaged how they do tickets and payment.

“during the covid situation we were trying to come up with something to limit contact… for the customer so we came up with a touchless system. We can’t totally eliminate contact but it limits it pretty good,” says William Purdy.

No physical tickets will be sold at the fair, instead kiosks will be placed all over the fairgrounds selling digital tickets for the rides, games and food.

“A card that you’ll purchase at these machines, and this will download all of your credits to play games or to ride. And then they’ll scan the card,” says Purdy.

If you prefer not to use the kiosks you may download an app on your phone, purchase tickets and scan your phone. Cash or card will be accepted at the kiosks or at the food trucks.

The rides will be sanitized throughout the night and hand sanitizer will be located by every ride.

The fair kicks off tomorrow night here at the Jackson fairgrounds tomorrow night and will last until Sunday night.

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