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The West Tennessee Knights gear up for their first home football game of the season

JACKSON, (WNBJ) - Get ready for some Saturday night football! The West Tennessee Knights are gearing up for their home football game this weekend.

The West Tennessee Knights are a semi-pro football team that was created in 2019 by Savannah, Tennessee native Barry Bonee. The team was created to positively impact the community and help players who deserve another chance to impress scouts of colleges, professional, arena, and overseas football teams.

The COVID-19 pandemic derailed their season last year and the head coach says it’s been difficult getting the team back together this season due to COVID.

"It’s been difficult trying to get back into it because of the distancing etc. Practices were limited. A lot of players have to work and it’s tough to get practices during the week,” said Dean Lavia, the Head Coach of the West Tennessee Knights football team.

Brownsville native Melandreaous Hudson eager to get back on the field to play their first home game of the season. Playing on the field brings back memories of when he played there in high school.

“It’s exciting for me because I am stepping back on the field, where I have played on before, but as a visitor. But, it’s going to be a home game for me so I got family in this area so I’m just here to show my talents right here in west Tennessee,” said Melandreaous Hudson, he plays strong safety on the West Tennessee Knights football team.

The Knights' first home game is this Saturday at 2 p.m. at Lane Field and tickets are just 5 dollars.

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