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The Vintage Makers Festival is combining vintage, art and music in the Hub City


This weekend the farmers market in Jackson will be filled with vintage, art and the sound of music will fill the air.

Jackson’s new “Vintage Makers Festival” all started with a dream!

“My store is a vintage store and a pottery studio, so my two favorite things are vintage and art, so I wanted to create an event that was allowed Jackson to share those two things with me," said the Owner of The Nine Oh Six Lakyn Bowman.

Then an opportunity fell in Bowman’s lap, “Ashley Kate Adams walked in the door and she owns no reverse records and she was looking for a festival to put together for her music and the idea was born from there," Bowman said.

Now the dream is a reality, this weekend's free event will have over 40 vendors and 8 musical acts.

“I think this is something Jackson has wanted for a long time, and the cultivation of the arts downtown is really becoming something that we're paying attention to," Bowman said.

But it’s not only Jackson people who are headed to the event that's being put on by the Nine Oh Six, No Reverse Records and B3 creative.

Bowman said, "We've got a potter coming from Minnesota. Her name is Lily Lund. She's a good friend of mine. And we have The Sandlot Vintage. He's coming from Chattanooga. He's known as the vintage wallpaper guy on TikTok.

And we have people coming from Nashville and a lot of local vendors as well.”

One of those local vendors in Laura Grisham the owner of Grinning Souls Crochet.

“You know, we have such incredible talent and incredible artists, incredible drifters, and so it's just really cool that all of those things are kind of booming right now. And the community has been really supportive here," Grisham said.

The organizers promise the festival will have something for everyone, "Everybody loves music and some people love vintage and some people love art. So just bringing everybody in the same group and food as well. Everybody wants food," Bowman said.

The vintage Makers Festival will take place at the Amp and farmers market Saturday from 4 to 9 and Sunday 10 to 4.

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