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The University of Memphis Lambuth is expanding its medical programs to meet the needs of west TN


A new classroom was revealed on campus today that will allow the university to increase the number of nursing students.

“Us being about two-hundred students, that’s about forty per cohort on average. We can now expand that because of this classroom expansion to about three hundred students,” says Dr.Niles Reddick President of the University of Memphis Lambuth.

The remodeling project turned the basement of the Luther l. Gobbel library into a large classroom space that will seat approximately seventy-five students. The nursing program began in 2012 with a handful of students and has rapidly grown to be the largest degree program at the Lambuth campus. Larry slatter the interim dean of the school of nursing is grateful for the new facility.

“It’s a gift honestly, so in order to serve our community, in order to grow our enrollment so that we can get more nurses educated and get out there in the field…and get them working out in the west Tennessee community, which is in dire need of health care workers across the board but specifically of nurses,” says Larry Slatter the interim dean for the Leowenburg school of nursing.

The university continues to expand its health care education as they plan to offer a doctorate program in physical therapy in the next few years. Currently, the program is going through the accreditation process.

“I think that will be a wonderful added program to this campus and that will create some expansion opportunities as well," says Dr.Reddick.

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