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The United States Postal Service's Key Phrase for this holiday season is 'mail early'

Christmas day will be here soon and for those who are mailing gifts to family and friends, united states postal services highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.

it is that time of year where residents are mailing holiday cards and gifts to people all over the country.

“Well, this is the busiest mailing, shipping, and delivery week of the entire year,” said Susan Wright, who is in corporate communications for USPS.

Wright describes the work as “all hands on deck” when it comes to making sure packages and gifts are delivered by Christmas day. however, the postal service has been challenged since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Since that time this summer, we saw volumes that almost reached holiday season levels,” said Wright.

And what is known as the most hectic week of the year, is busier because of covid-19 as there is a significant increase in online shopping. Wright says the planning for this season always begins a year in advance.

“We plan for peak season the minute the previous peak season ends. so this is our time, as I said this is time we are here and we know we are delivering the holidays to our customers,” said Wright.

She has a key phrase for residents to consider as they prepare to mail their items.

“The key phrase for this holiday season is ‘mail early’,” she said.

and if you are unsure about a zip code, do not guess about it.

“As word of caution, please don’t guess on the zip code, it is best to leave a zipcode off than to use an incorrect zip code. using an incorrect zipcode can misdirect your package,” said Wright.

The united states postal service encourages residents to mail by December 18 and for procrastinators, December 23 is the last day for express mail.

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