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The TWRA shares safe boating tips for National Safe Boating Week

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

This week is national safe boating week, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is preparing residents for a safe boating experience this Memorial Day holiday. National Safe Boating Week is annually held the week prior to Memorial Day weekend. Boating partners across the United States and Canada have teamed up this week to promote safe boating practices. Amy Snider (TWRA Region 1 Outreach and Communications Director) shares, “on an average year, unfortunately, we have 22 fatalities due to boating accidents. We would love to have that number at 0.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Outreach and Communications Director Amy Snider shared a couple safety precautions residents should know before setting sail. Amy Snider (TWRA Region 1 Outreach and Communications Director) stated, “one thing we want people to do is make sure you are wearing a life jacket. 86% of people that drown are not wearing a life jacket.”

Amy told me alcohol consumption is the leading cause of boating fatalities. Stating drunk passengers more than likely hop behind the wheel of a car after leaving, then becoming drunk drivers. Amy Snider (TWRA Region 1 Outreach and Communications Director) explained that “we always talk about the boat operator and drinking, but it’s also the people in the boat. What you don’t realize is when you’re drinking alcohol it affects you different on the water than on land.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Agency Officers are on the water and Amy says they are looking for violations. She wants residents to make sure they have their ducks in a row or else their fun boating weekend might lead them to some serious trouble. Amy Snider (TWRA Region 1 Outreach and Communications Director) emphasizes, “when we stop you, we’re also going to be checking that everyone has a life jacket. Not just a life jacket but a proper life jacket. We are also going to be checking for fire extinguishers and that you have a boat registration.”

Boating partners want residents to have fun in the water this Memorial Day weekend, but more importantly they want to keep people safe.

Makayla Davis

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