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The Tri-County Fair begins tonight in Atwood

ATWOOD, TN (WNBJ) - Let the fun begin! The Tri-County Fair is happening now in Atwood. Come ride the carnival rides, watch the circus acts, and indulge in the food. It’s something there the whole family can enjoy.

This is the second year the Tri-County Fair has been in Atwood. This year the fair is coming back even bigger with live circus performances from the World of Wonders. The World of Wonders features 10 live acts including a sword swallower, a strong woman, a fire-eater, and much more.

The owner of the World of Wonders is happy to perform for a new crowd.

“I think people are going to be most excited to see the whole experiences to come into the circus tent and see the fire-eaters, and the sword swallowers, and the strong woman. It’s that Americana fairground experience people have in their heads, but a lot of people have never seen before,” said Tommy Breen, the owner of the World of Wonders show.

The fair will also feature dirt bike daredevils who will be defying gravity inside a metal cage.

“The act is the steel ball. It’s 12 foot so it’s kind of a really tight space and we put bikes in there, dirt bikes. Right now, we are putting 2 strokes 85s. We put them in there and we start off placing in as many as 2 bikes in there and a guy inside while we ride as well,” said Julian Cano, one of the dirt bike drivers in the Globe of Death show.

The fair will have their traditional favorites the good food, entertaining carnival games, and fun rides.

Armbands for admission on Wednesday and Thursday are 15 dollars. Armbands for Friday and Saturday are 20 dollars. All the excitement is happening at the Clayhill Speedway in Atwood.

The Tri-County Fair is happening tonight through Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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