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The Salvation Army's Angel Tree makes Christmas Wishes Come True

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Salvation Army is embodying the gift of giving by kicking off their annual Angel Tree program.

The Salvation Army is doing the most good by hosting the Angel Tree program that makes children’s Christmas wishes come true.

The Angel Tree allows a child’s wish list to be shared with donors in their community.

These gifts can be toys and new clothing, or something sentimental the child values.

Angel Tree Coordinator, Emily Ricket, shares a story about a woman who is now forty who received a gift from the Angel Tree when she was a child.

“Her family couldn’t afford to get Christmas gifts, so the Angel Tree program was the only way for her family to get those. It’s still something that impacts her today, even after over thirty years.”

The Angel Tree program is at various locations throughout Jackson, such as Walmart and Kroger.

Last year, the organization made over one thousand children’s Christmas wishes come true.

Lieutenant Mark Cancia shares how the program came to be.

“Salvation Army officers that heard there was a need that children and families had during the Christmas season, and that need was for Christmas gifts. So, they decided to do what we now call Angel Tree.”

Gifts will be accepted starting today until December twelfth.

Along with the items on their wish list, you can also get additional gifts for your Angel Tree.

Ricket shares how this isn’t just a wish list or a tag, but a child in our community.

“Oh I'm going to get this tag off this tree at Walmart, and I’m going to get this kid something. But it’s like, that is a real person. That’s a kid in our community, that’s a kid at our playground, or a kid that might be going to school with your kids, or whoever. That is a real person.”

Gift drop offs are at the Salvation Army.

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