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The Salvation Army Helps Families Survive During the Pandemic

At Whitehall Pentecostal Church, the Salvation Army passed out food to residents in need. Some of those recipients told me if it were not for the Salvation Army, they do not know how they would survive the pandemic.

This morning three large vehicles parked on the church’s side filled with fruits, veggies, and other groceries. as patrons arrived, volunteers stood ready to pass out the items.

“This is a weekly ministry that we do where we get out into the community and meet needs,” said Mark Cancia, the commanding officer for Jackson’s Salvation Army.

The salvation army strives to poverty every day; this year, they’ve seen a significant increase in patrons because of the pandemic.

“Things actually did change. I didn’t use to come here but after COVID did happen, I started coming,” said Dillon Fuller, a Jackson resident.

It is reported that nearly 8 million Americans fell into financial hardship within the past six months. According to experts, this is the highest year over year increase since the government started tracking poverty in 1960.

“If it had not been for the salvation army, several of my friends and several people in the community would be in dire straits right now,” said Joseph Crawford.

Leaders at the Salvation Army continue to be prepared to help families as the pandemic continues.

“This is something we anticipated, but the community has been so good to continue to support the work of the Salvation Army,” said Cancia.

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