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The READ Team needs more volunteer coaches to help kids improve their reading skills

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The Read Team in Jackson is in need of your help!

The program is still looking for new volunteer coaches to help young kids with their reading skills.

Volunteers coaches go into the schools and spend one hour a week helping kids improve their reading skills.

The Read Team says in Jackson, only 22 percent of third to fifth graders are reading on grade level.

As the need for additional tutoring has increased, the program director and coordinator want to encourage the public to become volunteer coaches.

“The pandemic has wreaked havoc particularly in the younger children, so we talked to five principals this last week of the six schools we are in. They all have remarked that the kids are way behind,” said James Christoferson, the Program Director at The Read Team.

Increasing the number of volunteers is so critical because reading is an essential skill. The Read Team’s motto is changing the community one word at a time.

“Every child is one caring adult away from success and that’s what you can be. It’s a caring adult who just sits alongside a child who just needs time. They need time and assistance. It’s not hard,” said Kelly Christoferson, the Program Coordinator at The Read Team.

The Read Team joined the United Way of West Tennessee as another way to put an emphasis on education in the community.

The program serves six of Jackson-Madison County elementary schools and is currently hosting training sessions for new volunteer coaches.

If you are interested in helping children in your community with their reading skills, visit The Ream Team’s website.

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