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The Propane Gas Shortage's impact on Jackson

It is reported there is a propane shortage leaving restaurant owners struggling to find fuel to keep their customers warm on the patios. one restaurant owner here uses natural gas on his patio.

Bob Baudo is the owner of Old Town Spaghetti store. During the pandemic, he has patrons wanting to dine outdoors or on the patio to reduce the spread of covid-19.

“Alot of people do want to eat outside because of the fresh air, and they feel like it is safer,” said Baudo.

For a while, Baudo used electric heaters, but as temperatures continue to drop, that wasn’t enough.

“Now it’s almost too cold for the heaters to have any effect,” said Baudo.

To add more warmth, Baudo will turn the fireplace on, which operates on natural gas.

“We don’t use propane, which I hear there’s a shortage in some areas; we use natural gas here, no propane at all,” said Baudo.

Jackson Energy Authority or JEA is the local gas company. I spoke with Steve Bowers, who is over communications, and he says there is no propane shortage in the area as JEA invested in additional supply units.

“Our natural and propane rated have been set, our supply is steady. The Jackson Energy Authority invested a significant amount of money a few years ago to bring in an additional north supply unit,” said Bowers.

During these cold months, there will be enough gas and propane to go around.

“So we have a dual supply of natural gas and a plentiful supply of propane for this season,” said Bowers.

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