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The Orpheum award-winning Jackson Christian Theatre presents Disney’s “Freaky Friday”

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Tonight, was opening night for Jackson Christian School’s theatre production of “Freaky Friday.” After months of preparation this cast left the audience in awe after their performance. Taylor Roberson (leading role) told 39 News, “it was really nice to have people watching, and like… audience reactions. Last year we didn’t have any of that cause it was like COVID, and we had like an online performance.”

Last year the school’s winter production was virtual due to COVID. So, Taylor Roberson and Evie Patrick both students at Jackson Christian School explained how exciting it was to be back in front of a live audience. Evie Patrick (leading role) stated, “it was very nerve racking, but after I stepped out here it was very nice. It all went away, and it was like very encouraging to have people out here watching us and stuff.”

In preparation for this year’s production, director Erin Eller explained one of her methods to help the young artists connect with their roles. Erin Eller (director) informed us, “going on leads retreats, that’s where I take all the leads and we go off to a place by ourselves for a weekend. And we get to talk about- we get to process everything they have experienced and how they’re the leaders of the show.”

The show ended tonight with a standing ovation from the audience. If you missed tonight’s show it’s not too late to catch more showings throughout the week. Erin Eller (director) explained, “we have 7 shows that are open to the public. We have 4 this coming weekend and three next weekend. You can get tickets at the JCS website.”

Makayla Davis

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