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The Ninja Warrior Hangout at The Village has opened and extended its hours for spring breakers! the ninja hangout is only a portion of what the village has to offer.

“Our whole business is The Village of Jackson, and we wanted to be a community for moms and women. and we have the fortress women's gym. We have the Ninja Warrior Hangout, which started as childcare for fortress women's gym and expanded into what you've seen today.” says Carman Goodman partner of The Village of Jackson.

Carmen explains that the ninja course was something that was specifically designed and put together.

“So, our gym was actually constructed, and then the blueprint was made by a finalist from the american ninja warrior show. his name is Chris Boheme. He was known on the show as the Ginger Ninja”

Carmen encourages people to face their fears to build your confidence and strength.

“The most challenging part is just overcoming your own fear. a lot of it is in your head. You feel like you're not capable of doing the obstacles, and but once you overcome your own fear, you're able to do what you need to do and get it and get the obstacles completed.”

As a completely woman owned business, Carmen says that overall mission of The Village was to create a community of support for families in Jackson. You can find out more about The Village by visiting

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