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The need for foster homes increase during the pandemic

Foster care systems say that not having enough homes for children has gotten worse during the pandemic.

There’s been a need for more foster parents in this area for a long time, but we see more of a need than we’ve ever seen, and obviously, we do feel like it is wrapped around covid,” said Donna Goodman, a recruiter at youth villages in Jackson, TN.

According to First Star reports, a national foster care non-profit, kids bounce around from foster placement to foster placement because caregivers are concerned about contracting the Coronavirus. Donna goodman at youth villages believes the pandemic has something to do with the uptick in Jackson.

“The stress that it brings, look at the stress that is on the world right now. So we definitely think that has a lot to do with it, and we are always looking for foster parents that can fulfill those needs that we have for those children that are in difficult situations,” said Goodman.

Today, there are nearly 8,000 foster children in Tennessee who need a home.

“We’re always in need of foster parents in this area. so our census is up at this time."

Youth Villages prides themselves on matching children with proper families. The process requires multiple training sessions and screenings. To put caregivers at ease, the organization hosts virtual sessions.

“We are doing the trainings virtually. Hopefully, it’ll take a little bit of the stress off people coming through training right now because they can do it from their home,” said Goodman.

And youth villages wants to make sure those foster kids stay close to home.

“Because obviously, you can place a child locally if you can place them locally.”

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