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The Leadership Jackson along with Jackson Fence Company built a therapy garden for children

A Leadership Jackson Group recently completed an outdoor fence at the Carl Perkins Center For Prevention of Abused Children. The inside of the fence will serve as a therapy garden for children.

The group is known as the Turkeys, and after hearing from the Carl Perkins Center, they decided to initiate a project that fit the organization’s needs. After speaking with the non-profit’s CEO, they found out an outdoor space was essential.

“She mentioned they would love to have a place to take the children outside because mostly everyone knows being in the fresh air is therapy within itself,” said Rema Wilson, leadership team member. She is also the director of program quality & innovation at the Association of Infant Mental Health in Tennessee.

For confidentiality and the children’s safety, that outdoor space needed to be fenced in. the turkeys raised the money to purchase materials, and the Jackson Fence Company built a fence at no charge.

“Jackson Fence company spent the day with us last Saturday, and the actual team members of our leadership Jackson team put up the fence with the direction of the Jackson fence company,” said Wilson.

According to Wilson, children who seek therapy thrive better in a less intimidating environment.

“This gives them a calm place to talk that is not so threatening. Sometimes you get into more clinical typesetting, and that just adds to their stress,” said Wilson.

Wilson and the other team members hope this project gives those children the necessary tools to overcome traumatic experiences.

“What we are trying to do is to mitigate some of those and give them the tools necessary to become resilient.”

The garden will have various plants, patio furniture, and games.

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