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The JMCSS approved a 6.2 million dollar plan to improve employee recruitment, morale and retention



Today, the Jackson Madison county school board met to approve a $6.2 million investment to make teacher pay more competitive.”

“We want to make sure that our students receive high-quality opportunities in the classroom, high-quality instruction, and in order to do that, you have to recruit top talent. But not only that, you have to keep your top talent…our community needs it, our kids need it, and we just believe in it," Superintendent Dr. Marlon King said.

“Our plan for the next five years is to be more competitive. And, I think this is the start, year one," School Board Chairman James "Pete" Johnson added.

The Jackson-Madison County School board has approved a plan to make immediate improvements to employee recruitment, morale and retention.

This new investment called the individualized investment in every employee progression plan or IEP squared, will positively impact all current school system employee salaries.

All staff will receive longevity pay for their time with the district- $100 for their first year, $200 for the second year and so on until maxing out at $2000.

Teachers starting salary will increase to $42,000 that’s 2,000 above the state-mandated mark moving JMCSS to the top 25% for starting salaries among school districts statewide.

“You cannot pay teachers enough for what they do," Dr. King said, "but what I think is important is what dollars we can find for them. We find them. And so we're excited to be able to continue to invest and find ways to make certain that we take care of those teachers.”

The average teacher salary increase in this plan is 8.5%.

The Jackson-Madison County School System recently became a level 5 district; Dr. King says that growth is because of school employees, “Imagine if that came from people. If we invest in them even more, imagine what they're going to do and the impact that it will have on student achievement.”

All support staff will receive a $1000 bonus.

Other raises will also be given to teachers and principals- based on achievement.

The district will also cover rising insurance costs, "What's huge also is that we have a 6% increase in our insurance premium. The district has taken on that $773,000 for our employees. So employees will pay zero in terms of percent increase for insurance.”

These changes won’t cost taxpayers or the county commission a penny more; collapsing duplication of services in several departments over the last year has made room in the budget for raises and bonuses.

All pay raises go into effect this Friday.

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