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The Jackson Recreation and Parks Department is seeking your input as they work on a new master plan


The Jackson Recreation and Parks Department has applied for a Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant through the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

“You may have seen a survey that's been posted online. A part of this grant requires us to get public feedback on our current master plan," Parks Operations Manager for the City of Jackson Christi David said.

The department is asking for feedback on the 2018 five-year Recreation and Parks Master Plan. Here's the link.

“We still wanted to get the community's feedback on it. What did they like? What did they not like? It's also going to help us not just with this grant but as we start doing our new master plan," David said.

The new Ten-Year Master Plan that the Jackson Recreation and Parks Department is working on is already factoring in the wants of community members.

“With the community feedback, you see things like new pickleball courts, you see things like the skatepark because the community is coming to us and saying, hey, this is what we want to see," said David.

The plan also includes a new park off of Windy City Road and redesigns of parks David said, “The new master plan will include a redesign of Muze Park. We're hoping to also include a redesign of cypress grove…those are highlighted parks in our community. They're staples in our community, and we just want to bring them back to their glory.”

Christi David says the recreation and parks department wants to hear your “We cannot do this without our community. So when you're seeing those announcements about community meetings, town hall meetings, come to those, show up. If you can't come in an email, send a message, or leave a voicemail. We really want to know what you want.”

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