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The Jackson Police Department is using new technologies to increase transparency and communication



The Jackson Police Department has begun using new technology to increase communication between officers and citizens.

"We're rolling out some new technology and so we can be more engaged with the community and community, be more engaged with us," said Police Chief Thom Corley.

The police department is starting an external security camera registry

They are asking citizens to register their cameras so that they can request security footage quickly while trying to solve a crime.

Corley said, "We're trying to use technology as a way to be involved in the community but also do our job better."

The department has begun using an app called "Atlas One" to share information.

If you download the app and follow JPD you will be sent alerts when things are happening in the city's jurisdiction or in a mile radius of your location.

the app allows you to see things that have been reported and to message the police

"Police to Citizen" is another technology that the department has implemented that allows people to view public records and even file reports.

"Without an officer having to come to your house or your business to to do those things. and we can use those officers to be more proactive on the street," Corley said.

Corley says these new technologies will help the department fulfill their mission of transparency, "We've always had the mindset and the philosophy of being transparent. and if something's public, we're going to release it and we'll try to get as much information as we can. but it's just been bits and pieces at a time. and this opens the door so much that it's just out there.”

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