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The Jackson Madison County school system basketball barnstorming tour visits Arlington elementary


Students at Arlington elementary school received a visit from Jackson Central-Merry boys and girls basketball players.

“They are our role models and don’t even know it. So, they have children that look up to them. They’re doing a tour through the district and each high school is teamed with an elementary school to go over and give back,” says Arlington Elementary Principle Dr. Shemon Reaves.

The Jackson madison county school system basketball barnstorming tour is designed to build excitement and support for high school basketball and to provide student-athletes with leadership opportunities.

Jaydin and Teleah are some of the high school students from Jackson Central-Merry who led the pep rally and got a chance to show off their skills!

“At first I was kind of nervous about it but to see the energy that the kids bring to see how happy it made them just to see us play and do what we do was very exciting. I felt like a celebrity out there,” says Senior basketball player Jaydin Poe.

“I like how all the little kids out there they look up to us. And you can see the potential in like every one of those kids," says senior basketball player Teleah.

The tour emphasized the importance of excellence in academics and of good behavior.

The message at today’s pep rally at Arlington was “shoot your shot”.

Dr. Reaves says, “You’re gonna miss every shot you don’t take. In life, we have to learn to take calculated risks and we have to take chances to be our best. We have to be able to be disciplined, determined and have a desire to reach out dreams.”

Dr. Reaves got a chance to show his determination by taking part in a three-point contest. Today’s event also focused on teaching the students to work together. Something Dr. Reaves believes that the school superintendent exemplifies,

“It doesn’t matter what school you are, we are Jackson madison county school system, so it just feels good that dr. King is just pouring in to make us all become one big family."

And after all the fun they had today these high school and elementary students certainly felt like one big happy family.

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