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JACKSON, Tn.- News Talk 96.5 will host the first mayoral debate tonight at Northside auditorium. We were around the community asking people what they would like to see happen here in Jackson.

“I would like for them to put the Hollywood North bus back for me, please. For the ones that don't have transportation and need to get to the store, it will be real nice.”

Lawanna Jackson also tells us that the neighborhood around Hollywood drive could use a little more attention.

“Well, I live off Hollywood and I would like to see them clean up, you know, the streets and stuff where I live. just clean up, Jackson.”

Other community members like Scott Campbell would also like to see Jackson tidy up the community.

“I think just in my general neighborhood, what I'd like to see are some of the dilapidated houses addressed that can really bring down the home values and it'd be just really good to see some of that addressed, maybe sped up a little bit.”

We spoke with some other community members off camera who suggested that Jackson could repair some of the heavily used roads. Others said that the city should host more events and give people more things to do. People in Jackson will get to vote for mayor on election day: May 2nd.

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