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The Jackson Community Celebrates National Day of Prayer at the Mayor's Annual Prayer Breakfast

JACKSON, Tn.-It was a beautiful day at the Carl Perkins Civic Center where the mayor held his annual Prayer Breakfast for the National Day of Prayer. Thanks to the lighthouse church worship team, members of the community were able to sing and praise together. 39 News was able to talk to some of the keynote speakers about the importance of today's prayer event.

“National Day of Prayer is important and just to see the different pastors and different churches, in different congregations here, all worshiping together as one body is it's a great way to celebrate our community, celebrate God and celebrate people,” said Mayor Scott Conger.

“It's a really important day. I think it's really important for all different kinds of people to come together in one room and to be just in the spirit of prayer, to come together for a common purpose and to remember that we are all one community,” said Olivia Abernathy, County Commissioner.

“The word says when two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. So it's important for us to come together and to be able to pray, but to show unity. Then also it says unity commands the blessing and we believe that just coming together and praying those who are not here will still go out and affect the other people,” James Barlow II Pastor of Yeshuwah Breakthrough Ministries.

This event included prayers for the government, businesses, schools, law enforcement, public servants, families, congregations, and unity. The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast was sponsored by the Jackson Area Ministerial Association and the breakfast was provided by the Old Country Store.

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