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The Jackson Clinic and Baptist Memorial mark the progress on their Outpatient clinic


Today members of Baptist Memorial and the Jackson Clinic gathered to mark a major milestone of their new medical campus and to put their mark on the building.

Before the final beam was put in place, everyone was invited to sign it.

“Everybody gets to put their fingerprints on this building because there's a lot of fingerprints on it, a lot of dreams, a lot of focus for physicians who have trained for years to be able to take care of their patients," said Jason Little, President and CEO of Baptist Memorial Healthcare.

The 62-million-dollar campus is going to be a nearly 135 thousand-square-foot outpatient facility.

Little said, “What is more important is not exactly the bricks and mortar, but really what happens inside.”

“In the past, health care has been mostly focused on sick care and very centralized. In the future, we feel like health care has many more facets to it. And will be delivered much more in the outpatient setting. It's all about taking care of the patient at the right time and the right place with high quality and affordable cost," Jackson Clinic Physician President Bill Preston said.

The two-story building will include an outpatient surgical facility and part medical office space and offer diagnostic imaging, laboratory, pharmacy and specialty services.

“So much of what used to be done in hospitals or in an inpatient settings can now be done right here in an hour or two…. And so we're really excited to bring cutting edge, comfortable, futuristic care right here to jackson," Little said.

The building has been in the works for a long time but is finally becoming a reality, “it's outstanding. It's been a long road and we've been planning it all through covid. And it's finally coming to be," Preston said.

The facility is between the 45 bypass and Passmore Lane and is expected to open in late 2023.

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