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The Jackson Chamber says buy from locals instead of Amazon this holiday season

As the holidays come about, the Jackson Chamber wants locals to support local and family-owned businesses while the financial impacts of COVID-19 continue.

“Our community, our local community, has suffered especially the small business owners during these last six, seven months,” said Jill Erling, who is the director of events for the Chamber.

Instead of shopping online at major retailers, the Jackson chamber asks residents to shop local for the same items you can find on the internet.

“It is effortless to go on Amazon and get what you want, but we have a lot of great stores and local businesses that supply the same thing here in Jackson,” said Erling.

To spread the mission across the city, the chamber and other organizations launched a social media campaign to get the word out.

“The Jackson Chamber, Visit Jackson TN, Small business development center, and thirteen financial institutions in Jackson have partnered together for a for the love of Jackson Marketing Campaign,” said Erling.

Southern magnolia, a local attraction, saw the effects of covid as people are not traveling as much.

“It is its a gift shop, but it is also a tourist attraction. So when COVID hit, our tour buses stopped coming, so we really depend on our local customers this yea,” said Brooke Crook, the shop owner.

The chamber wants residents to visit their favorite locally owned business or restaurant, take a selfie or a photo at the location, post on social media using the hashtag “love of Jackson’.

“So throughout the whole season, we’re just going to encourage people to shop local,” said Erling.

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