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The Jackson Arts Council is participating in a study on the economic impact of the arts in Jackson


The Jackson Arts Council is participating in the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States.

"This is the arts and economic prosperity study that we do with Americans for the arts every five years…. And by the end of the study, we get an exact number of how much the city of Jackson spends on arts and culture,” said Lizzie Emmons Executive Director of the Jackson Arts Council.

The last time this study was conducted was in 2017, the conclusion was that 4.7 million dollars are spent a year on arts and culture in Jackson.

Emmons says this study is so important because it shows how much the arts impact the economy in Jackson,"This small amount that we're investing in the arts immediately turns around and creates these massive economic impacts. The more that we invest in the arts, the bigger the economic impact that the arts have here in Jackson.”

The Arts Council will begin collecting the data this month at arts events.

Emmons said, "You will get these cards and the cards have a picture of lulu on them…. she's going to ask you on the card to take three for the arts. So what that means is scan the QR code on your phone and take 3 minutes to fill out the survey. The survey is completely anonymous and it helps us gather that economic impact data.”

They will continue to conduct the surveys at events until April 2023.

Then in September of 2023 the Jackson Arts Council will receive a customized report on the unique economic impact results for Jackson.

The arts council is seeking volunteers to pass out the survey cards at events. Contact them if you are interested.

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