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The Humboldt High School Vikings are headed off to war at the State Championship


Humboldt High School sent their boys off the state basketball tournament in style today!

The Vikings are headed off to war at the Division 1A State Tournament.

“I’m excited for the guys, their good guys. Their good athletes and their good students,” said Humboldt Highschool Principle Grover Harewell.

Students, faculty, and alumni of Humboldt High School sounded the war cry today to send the team off to Murfreesboro!

The Vikings are a young team they have no seniors and only one junior, but Viking fans won’t let that stop them from expecting big things from their boys when they play Hampton tomorrow (3/15).

No matter what happens at the State Championship, the boys can expect a warm welcome home.

“We will definitely do it big when they return. We want to to bring them back the way we sent them off," Principal Harewell said. /

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