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The Gibson County Office on Aging Provides Senior Citizens with Thanksgiving Meals

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Gibson County Office on Aging believes every senior citizen deserves to have a Thanksgiving meal and companionship.

That is why every year, volunteers come together to help prepare meals the day before Thanksgiving.

“This is my first year and I’ve done it because I have compassion for people," says volunteer Carolyn Vandegriffe.

On Thanksgiving morning, elected officials, community members, and volunteers meet to distribute meals to senior citizens who may be spending Thanksgiving alone.

Volunteer Vicky Arnold says, "The ones who didn’t have any food will have a meal at Thanksgiving.”

Senior citizens in towns within Gibson County have the opportunity to be visited and be given a meal.

The Gibson County Office on Aging intends to provide senior citizens with warm food and warm Thanksgiving wishes as well.

“I come every year, because I think it’s a wonderful thing, they do for people who are shut in or at home by themselves," shares long-time volunteer Sue Matheson.

Some volunteers even hand out meals on their own motorcycles.

They believe in having their own “meals on wheels”.

We would actually ride our motorcycles and follow the vans and carry the meals into the shut-ins and it was a heartwarming experience," says Charlotte Burkett.

This event is bringing the county together to spread the unity in the community.

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