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The family of Anthony Jones is seeking answers after he was shot and killed in McNairy County

In front of Henderson City Hall protesters gathered to demand justice and answers in the death of Anthony Jones.

“I remember him as a little boy who loved the animals he used to bring stays home and he loved just to play with his toys", say Anthony Jones' aunt, Tracey Jones.

Answers, that is what the family of Anthony Jones is seeking after he was shot and killed earlier this month in McNairy County.

“We are just wanting to know why, what happened, I mean we have no answers to what happened and it’s making it harder for us to deal with it because we don’t have any answers", adds Jones.

Jones’ family and community members marched in front of the Henderson City Hall and the Henderson Police Department asking to speak with the Henderson police chief and the Henderson city mayor.

“We are here to get the answers for Anthony. Anthony is a human being, Anthony deserves his due process of law and so we are going to be out here", says protest organizer, Tracy Boyd.

In a statement from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation it states that the incident is still active and under investigation.

The statement also mentions that Jones took the officers on an extended pursuit and portrayed to have a gun when exiting the vehicle.

But protesters believe there is more to the story.

“In this climate of police brutality it is hard for us to believe that any black man would get out of a car yell and state that he has a gun and not really have one", adds Boyd.

Jones’ family and protest organizers say they will continue to seek answers and justice for Jones. Imani Williams for 39

News, in Henderson.

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