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The Dream Center of Jackson is selling Christmas Ornaments and Wrapping paper to raise money


The Dream Center of Jackson houses single women and their children that are experiencing homelessness due to a crisis in their life.

As a fundraiser, this year, they are selling Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper.

“It's hub city wrapping paper. It's based on the rockabilly mural, and it's just a lot of tradition about the city of Jackson being known for its amazing Rockabilly," Stephanie Laffoon the Capital Campaign Director of the Dream Center in Jackson.

The wrapping paper is $20, but the ornaments are a bit more, “These are $100 ornaments. And that's because they go towards an actual purchase of a new door at the Dream Center building," Laffoon said.

When you buy one of the ornaments or this wrapping paper, it supports the brand-new Dream Center that's being built here in Jackson.

“We should have around 100 women and their children. So we have been very limited in the space that we have now. So that's going to be a huge number going up," Laffoon said.

The Dream Center says their ornaments and wrapping paper are a great way to celebrate Christmas but they represent much more than that.

“It's really that you're investing in the lives of people. One of my favorite quotes is that a city is known, whether it's great or not great, by the way, that those with the most treat, those with the least,” Laffoon said.

Stephanie Laffoon believes that their work is leading to real-life change, “Some of these women had no idea they were going to fall on hard times. But there is a hand waiting to help pull them up. And that's what we that's what we're all about, is pulling them up out of that situation that they're in and helping them have a brand-new life.”

If you’re interested in buying some wrapping paper or an ornament, you can stop by the dream centers officer off of North Highland or contact them at or call 731-512-0095.

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