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The City of Jackson Opens the Carl Perkins Civic Center as a Storm Shelter

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Severe weather warnings are back in the forecast this evening. Due to these warnings the City of Jackson is opening the Carl Perkins Civic Center as a shelter for residents who may need it. Tosh Newman (Carl Perkins Civic Center Facility Manger) stated, “this is just a very solid structure. We have a lower level that below street level that’s been used several times for a shelter, for people to come to if they don’t feel like they have a safe space in their home.”

The City of Jackson let residents know through their social media that the Civic Center would be open tonight due to severe weather. Many residents questioned whether the civic center would allow pets. Tosh Newman (Carl Perkins Civic Center Facility Manger) informed us, “if you require a service animal you are more than welcome to bring that service animal with you.”

Facility manager of the Civic Center Tosh Newman says he is in direct contact with The Emergency Management Agency to track weather updates for the safety of residents. Tosh Newman (Carl Perkins Civic Center Facility Manger) told 39 news, “we are directly in contact with each other. During the storms, before, after. Whatever we need to do to make sure the people who are here, can either stay here and are safe, or they’re free to go.”

The center opened at 2pm today and is prepared to stay until the storm passes. Newman asks that any residents who come to the shelter tonight enter through the lower-level south entrance near the C.M.E Church.

Makayla Davis

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