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The City of Jackson is Cleaning up Debris After Storm Damage

Jackon, TN. (WNBJ)-

Last week devastating storms ripped through the City of Jackson. Today the city is beginning the clean-up process. Health and Sanitation Superintendent Chris Woods says local departments have teamed up to clear the debris left during last week’s storms. Chris Woods (Health and Sanitation Superintendent) stated, “so, we’ve kinda used Forrest as a dividing line. We’ve got crews working south of Forrest and crews working north of forest. They’re using tricones and dump trucks, we’re… we’ve got our claw trucks and we’ll be coming shortly too.”

These departments include: Chris Woods (Health And Sanitation Superintendent) informed us, “the health and sanitation department, the street department, and the storm and water department.”

Woods is asking residents to be courteous and separate debris, as well as personal items. Chris Woods (Health and Sanitation Superintendent) asks that, “when residents are putting debris out, if they could sort the wood and vegetative debris and anything like furniture or mattresses were separate that would make it easier for us to dispose of.” The city is hoping this process will be done within the next two weeks.

Makayla Davis

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