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The CDC's Moratorium on evictions will expire this month leaving many residents homeless

The CDC’s moratorium on evictions expires at the end of this month, and housing officials say many in madison county will go into the new year homeless.

The moratorium is meant to reduce the spread of covid-19 and protect tenants who are financially challenged because of the pandemic.

And you either had to have a loss of income or increased medical expenses that exceeded a certain percentage of your income,” said Vanessa Bullock.

Bullock, the managing attorney of housing at West Tennessee Legal Services, says the organization could assist a few clients under the order, but many of their clients were out of luck.

When they passed this, the hope was to go back to normal quicker than they have, and it was meant to be a temporary measure. unfortunately, for most of our clients, that’s just not the case.”

Health experts predict the next coming months will have an increase in covid numbers. Bullock is worried about what is to come.

“The idea of people being on the streets as this gets worst is just really scary for a lot of people,” said Bullock.

So far, the CDC has not identified any act of congress that will put a halt on evictions moving forward.

“Unless something comes down between now and 12/31, I don’t think there’s going to be anything that can help those people, unfortunately,” said Bullock.

Those who are evicted by private landlords can apply for subsidized housing, but there is a lengthy wait time. West Tennessee Legal Services and other agencies are hopeful Congress provides more funding soon.

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