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The Black Wall Street Bus Tour stops in Jackson

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The subject of cryptocurrency and how lucrative this financial space is has been a hot topic recently. Learning the tips, you need to know about this new type of currency is crucial to becoming successful in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Black Wall Street Bus Tour has been traveling across the states to educate people about cryptocurrency. The tour made its stop in Jackson last night to educate the community.

The Black Bus Tour started in April with the objective of educating black and brown communities across the U.S. about bitcoin and encouraging the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Event speaker and cryptocurrency expert Najah Roberts believes cryptocurrency is a way to build bridges of generational wealth and close the racial wealth gap in America.

“Like I said I’ve been in financial services for a very long time and there are very few products, where I can say we can close the wealth gap and I really believe cryptocurrency is one of the sole ways we are going to close the wealth gap that exists in our world,” said Najah Roberts, a cryptocurrency expert.

The event also introduced a new app called the Black Wall Street DigitalWallet, which will launch on May 31st. The app seeks to replicate the brick-and-mortar Black Wall Street, as a digital ecosystem that will directly stimulate economic growth.

The app will be the first black-owned digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange platform in the U.S.

The event drew people from near and far to learn more about this new tech.

“By me being a trader already, I already own or have access to other wallets that I trade my bitcoin and other coins that I have and just finding out that Black Wall Street is going to have a wallet, I was just totally floored, very excited. I want to be a part of a movement of this magnitude,” said Courtney Roby, a Memphis native.

Jackson native Takisha Spencer was happy to learn more background information about cryptocurrency.

“I like how she really broke every aspect down from the history, from the different currency you can use, the different wallets. She gave definitions and I have been listening to things before and a lot of people talk about the wallets, but they don’t give a definition. She was honest about her experience,” said Takisha Spencer, a Jackson native.

To learn more about the Black Wall Street Bus Tour or the Black Wall Street DigitalWallet, please visit the Black Wall Street website or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @blackcashmatters.

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