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The 83rd Strawberry Festival starts next week in Humboldt

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - It’s that time of the year again.

The 83rd Strawberry Festival is happening all next week.

The events start Sunday, May 2nd, and continue until Saturday, May 8th. Activities range from a prayer breakfast on Monday to a 5-K and 10-K run on Saturday and even a car show.

So, there is something the whole family can enjoy.

The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce is so excited to bring the festival back after having to cancel last year.

“So this year we are going to bring it back, we are taking safety precautions, all up and down Main Street there are lots of handwashing stations and hand sanitizing stations, but people are so ready to get out and have some fun,” said Amanda Love, the Executive Director at the Chamber of Commerce.

They will have fireworks and an opening celebration on Monday. The carnival is already set up and will be ready to go on Tuesday.

The junior floats and grand floats parades are scheduled for Thursday and Friday this year so there will be so much fun next week.

You have got to come in and enjoy the food, family, and fellowship.

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