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The 20th Annual Highway 70 Yard Sale Begins Today!

JACKSON, Tn.-The city of Jackson has joined one of Tennessee's most highly anticipated events, the Highway 70 yard sale! This yard sale starts in Memphis and continues through Nashville. 39 News was able to talk to some of this year's participants.

“How are you doing? Good to see yall here. This is my booth right here and I've been doing this probably about 40 years off and on. I got a store in Crump Tennessee, at the trader markets and I also do the highway 70 yard sale every year,” says Jimmy Bailey.

“Well, I've been doing it off and on for as many years as they've been having it. Except for last year, I missed it, and it's a great experience. You can give away stuff that you don't want any way, says Inez Woods

These two vendors share some of their favorite things about the Highway 70 yard sale.

“The people, the shade tree and seeing the people that you I hadn't seen for a long time and just get to swap and deal. And a lot of times I buy more stuff than I sale sometimes,” said Jimmy Bailey

“Because you meet all kinds of people. It's the people that come out and you get a chance to talk to them and they're from everywhere, and it's just a great time,” said Inez Woods

The Highway 70 Yard Sale starts today and will end this Sunday June 11th. Sales signs are set up along the highways to help you find vendor set ups.

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