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Tennessee Will Provide a 3-Month Grocery Tax Holiday

JACKSON,Tn.-Families in Tennessee will soon be enjoying one of the biggest tax cuts in the state’s history.

Thanks to the Tennessee Works Act the 400-million-dollar tax cut will allow groceries to be tax free from August to October!

On average saving families at least $100 dollars on taxes. Here's what some local Tennesseans had to say.

“Yeah. with inflation and everything recently, you can start to feel that. in your wallet so we make sure we shop at Aldi’s and Sam’s so you know bulk and keep it down. but if there were some relief on that for a little while, that'd be a really good deal. for i think everybody,” said Abby Byrd

Byrd explains that her family doesn’t eat fast food so a tax break like this will definitely help.

“Right now, we spend about six hundred dollars per month, and we don't like to go out to eat and stuff like it all comes from our grocery store where the taxing is going to be the most effective.”

Will Wilson tells 39 News that an extra 100 dollars could go a long way.

“It would benefit a lot. you know extra gas in your car, snacks, or drinks that come out the vending machine, you know extra stuff, you might have a malfunction with your car, tire or anything for a rainy day that extra $100 will help out,” said Will Wilson.

Tennessee native Tracy Eaton is happy to hear about the new tax cut.

“it's going to help me save even more with coupons that I use. and it will help me to buy more groceries. and it may be better and will help the families that i work with to too certainly benefit from a tax-free law if it's just for three months,” said Tracy Eaton

The Tennessee works act will help aid both families and corporations. The legislation will include the 3-month grocery tax holiday and an optional paid family leave tax credit for companies to support Tennessee families. It will also supply Tennessee businesses with tax relief. It's safe to say that many will be benefiting from this new tax cut.

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