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Tennessee TOPS Queen loses over 50 pounds

Jackson, TN.

Bing watching and eating has been a bad habit many have picked up during these covid times. Find out how this Lexington women beat these odds and lost over 50 pounds through the TOPS support group.

The non-profit TOPS, standing for- Take Off Pounds Sensibly crowns a weight loss queen every year. This is usually a woman who has shown exceptional weight loss through the program.

The 2020 TOPS Queen Betty Gore had this to say about her weight loss journey. “Everybody’s body is different. What works for me may not work for you. And that’s why we call it our support group, cause we’re all there to lose weight.”

Betty goes on to inform us she feels dieting is more important than exercise. “Like the old saying goes if it tastes good spit it out. If it tastes like cardboard eat it. That’s not true. You can fix meals that you like. Occasionally if you get to wanting something sweet bad enough you’re going to eat it. It’s best to eat a little piece then forget it. We always say eat it, then forget it.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Betty Gore on her accomplishment.

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