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JACKSON, Tn.- Tennessee Severe Weather week will continue until Saturday the 25th. emergency officials are encouraging Tennesseans to take emergency preparedness seriously. After the severe weather we’ve had in Tennessee, fire chief Eric Turner has some advice.

“The biggest thing is, and you hear it all the time, turn around, don't drown. So, if you see water over the roadway, you don't know if that road's actually intact underneath there. So many times, after the water goes down, you see the roads just washed away. so people would drive off in there and obviously the roads out there and swept away.

and Chief Turner added being swept away can easily be prevented.

“So, I think the biggest safety thing that we talk about when it comes to water is just don't drive into standing water. You know, just find an alternate route.”

Chief Turner was also able to give some insight on the swift water rescue team.

“We have about 15 that's trained in swift water rescue. so those are people that is went through extensive training in all types of water rescue.”

he also encourages people of Madison County to use common sense going into the new season.

"You know, it's a time of year where people are going to start going swimming, boating, that kind of stuff. and it's just important to make sure you wear those life jackets and do the things that keep you safe because that way we don't have to enter the water.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and National Weather Service will be issuing statewide tornado drills tomorrow. The drills will also include a statewide test of the NOAA weather radios. You can visit for ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for severe weather.

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