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Tennessee Ranked State with Highest Number of Flu Cases in the Country

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports Tennessee is seeing flu cases surge to the highest level in ten years.

Tennessee has the highest possible ranking on this week’s flu tracker.

LeBonheur medical director Vernessa Davis Tharpe tells 39 news this is the greatest number of flu cases she has seen so early in the season.

“Yes, we are having an influx of hospitalized children with influenza, it’s earlier than usual, usually it's later in the winter.”

Doctor Davis-Tharpe wonders what it will be like later this flu season.

“At this time of year, we’re busier than usual, there’s just more flu now than you would normally see in December. Usually it’s January or February, that’s when the flu gets heavier.”

Jamie Davolt hopes to protect her two small children from the flu by practicing healthy habits and good hygiene.

“With my kids I like to give them elderberry gummy vitamins, I like to ensure they eat their fruits and vegetables, I ensure that they’re moving, they’re stretching, and they’re getting enough sleep.”

Christine McCrury would like to see people learn more about how to prevent the flu.

“I hope people will educate themselves more about the flu symptoms, and how to stay away from having the sickness as much as possible.”

The CDC encourages people to get vaccinated against the flu, stay home if you’re feeling sick, and get tested when feeling symptoms.

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