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Tennessee passes new law to crack down on road rage and reckless driving


Driving a car is dangerous enough, already but when others are raging on the road it becomes much more dangerous! That's why Tennessee is looking to crack down on the growing problem.”

"A lot of times its speed and their actions. They're weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, slamming on the brakes, you know, in front of people getting right on their bumper. ….now you've got that outside factor of someone doing something really reckless and dangerous, and now you're having to adjust for that factor," said Jackson Police Captian Gary Benton.

Captain Benton said reckless and angry drivers put themselves and others in danger. When drivers get angry, things can escalate quickly, "They're at the next stoplight or stop sign or pull in a parking lot and people get out. And obviously, you know, tempers can flare and people can get assaulted or worse," Benton said.

Tennessee ranks fifth in the nation for the most road rage shootings, according to a recent analysis.

Last year, 20 people were shot in Tennessee while driving to work, the store, or anywhere else they needed to be.

The new Tennessee law is cracking down on road rage, labeling it as "aggravated reckless driving", punishable by up to one year in jail with a $2,500 fine.

Captian Benton said call 911 to report those that are driving recklessly or raging on the road.


e also says instead of getting mad at other drivers, have some patients while on the road, “They may be elderly or something like that and they don't intend to cut you off or anything like that. So, you know, no sense getting mad at it. You know, if there's no wreck involved, just, you know, roll on with it.”

The new law aims to keep everyone safe on the roads.

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