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Tennessee law makers propose making the Monday after the Super Bowl a state holiday!


It’s Super Bowl Monday the day after parties all across the world- Tennessee State Senator London Lamar and Representative Joe Towns Jr. say researchers call it one of the least productive work days of the year

That’s why they have introduced a bill that would give football fans a chance to rest after celebrating the big game.

"They can make it a double holiday to me. I mean, I think that would be great because everybody is tired from, you know, having a good time yelling and getting all into the game and everything and, you know, preparing food for everybody. And yes, I think it should be a holiday. They can make it a double holiday," said Jennifer Davis.

“If today was a holiday, I mean, it'd be nice. But I honestly don't know if a lot of businesses would adhere to that," said Eli Creasy.

The bill would replace Columbus Day as a state holiday.

But not everybody agrees that it’s a good idea,

“Most of our state, if not all of our state holidays advance an important value of some sort and they are worse celebrating. But we should not have a holiday because we celebrated too much," said Dr. Sean Evans.

Union University Political Science professor Dr. Evans says don’t get your hopes up when it comes to having the day after the big game off in the future, “It's dead on arrival. I'm not sure the sponsor will even bring it up in committee. If so, I assume a few jokes will be made and then the bill will be killed.”

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