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Tennessee Kids Serve

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

First Lady Maria Lee stopped by the Community Montessori School to promote her statewide challenge Tennessee Kids Serve. Maria Lee (TN First Lady) stated, “this is our fourth year to do the kids serve summer challenge, and so after doing it a couple years we started thinking how can we get more kids involved.”

First Lady Lee says the goal of this challenge is to instill in kids a heart for service. She’s doing this by asking students to join her in devoting a small portion of their summer break to serving others. Maria Lee (TN First Lady) informed us, “so, to get kids involved in serving i think helps them grow as a person, as much as it helps the people that they would be serving.”

The challenge will start on Wednesday, June 1, and conclude on Monday, August 1, 2022. All students who complete the challenge will receive a certificate of recognition signed by First Lady Maria Lee. Those who complete the highest number of service hours during the challenge will be invited to a summer service carnival at the Tennessee residence with Governor Bill Lee and First Lady Maria Lee. Maria Lee (TN First Lady) told 39 news, “at the carnival we’ll have students from all across the states come. We’ve got balloons, we got a person who makes animals and things out of balloons, we’ve got face painting, we’ve got carnival food, carnival games, prizes, all kinds of fun things.”

Makayla Davis

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